Meeple Witch

What's a "MeepleWich"?

Meeples are the little gingerbread shaped play tokens found in many board games. The shape (and name) are public domain, and find themselves to be ubiquitous to the gaming community.  When we conceived of a gaming café, we knew we wanted a name that would stand out, and also click with folks who love tabletop gaming. We also wanted to tie in with our sandwich shop concept. Ergo, Meeple + Sandwich + MeepleWich!

Thus, MeepleWich Café was born!

What's the Deal?

We are passionate about Food and Fun! Whenever we have a chance to combine the two, we do. What started as hosting bi-weekly game nights with elaborate spreads to feed our friends, eventually morphed into the idea that we could have MORE folks over if we had more space, and more food.

So we found ourselves 2800 square feet of former bar space, and converted into a quick stop sandwich shop, with lots of tables for gaming, and board games on the walls for playing!

Meet the Team

MeepleWich Café is the Brainchild of Jason Tucker and Dawn Brooks. We've come together with friends and family to create a warm, fun environment for everyone.

D & J

Dawn Brooks and Jason Tucker


Dawn and Jason met in 2014 through the San Antonio Writer's Guild Saturday Critique group. They were each instantly enamored of the other's writing, and very soon found themselves falling for each other. Of their many shared interests, they both had a vision for bringing good food and fellowship to their community.