Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning’s End

For almost a full year, MeepleWich Café ran as a sandwich shop in a shopping center at the corner of Fredericksburg and Callaghan in San Antonio, TX. It was a fun and amazing experience that saw many people come through our doors to enjoy soups, sandwiches, and snacks while playing games, running campaigns, hosting meetings, critiquing writing, and all manner of everything in between.

But running a restaurant on a shoestring with only two people is a daunting task, and throw a new baby into the mix and well… it’s time to re-think things.

The shop is closed, but the dream is not over. Watch this space and our other social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as we move into a new phase in our evolution. Our focus for the present will be on virtual content. We are working on a cooking show and several other web series including game, movie, and book reviews.

We had a blast seeing so many people having fun while enjoying our food and look forward to a time when we will open up again. For now, please join us in our virtual living room and kitchen as we continue to Dine in and Game on.

Dawn, Jason, and Bruce

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