Here is where your most frequent questions are answered!  Read below!

I loved you guys! What happened to y'all, are you still open?

It's the same old story of small business in middle America: not enough start-up capital, not nearly enough knowledge of what you don't know. The time we spent in operation was an amazing time of personal and professional growth, but the learning curve was STEEP, and so we are taking this time to regroup and refresh while we rebuild.

Didn't y'all have a BABY in all this?

Yep! Baby Bruce is now walking and talking, and perhaps one of the reasons we were a tad distracted while trying to build a new business.

When are you opening again?

Yet to be determined. But please join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep abreast of developments as they arise!

How Can I Help?

Do you have a vision for bringing folks together in our community for food and fun? Have you always wanted to own a cafe? Do you love board games? Do you have gobs of cash that you'd love to invest in a business with a lot of potential for growth?  Reach out to us by email, or through one of our other social media channels, and let's talk!

Do you have vegetarian and vegan options?

Yes we do!  Veggie subs are offered daily and vegetarian or vegan soups are offered on the regular.  Please let us know your favorites so we can have them in the rotation more often!

Can I reserve a table for gaming?

Yes!  Click the "Contact Us" option on our menu and fill out a form right now!

I'm gluten free.  Can I find tasty options on the menu?

Absolutely.  All of our sandwiches come with the option to cut the gluten.  Your food will be presented beautifully and taste amazing!