Meeple Witch

Our Approach

What's a "MeepleWich"?

Meeples are the little gingerbread shaped play tokens found in many board games. The shape (and name) are public domain, and find themselves to be ubiquitous to the gaming community.  When we conceived of a gaming café, we knew we wanted a name that would stand out, and also click with folks who love tabletop gaming. We also wanted to tie in with our sandwich shop concept. Ergo, Meeple + Sandwich + MeepleWich!

Thus, MeepleWich Café was born!

Our Story

What's the Story?

On Free Comic Book Day, (May 6th, 2016) Jason and Dawn stood in line to get into Dragon's Lair for free comic books and noticed that the space a few doors down from the shop was for lease. A conversation ensued that it would be an ideal location for a "Meeple Cafe," as they were calling it on those days.

The idea just wouldn't go away, and soon they were calling property managers, and scouting out other viable locations throughout San Antonio for the perfect oasis for tabletop gamers to play without having to interrupt their game or campaign in order to get food.

Eventually, an excellent space was acquired next door to Ooples (R.I.P.) on Callaghan and Fredericksburg, near the Medical Center.

For the better part of a year, they fed and entertained many area gamers and non-gamers alike, gaining a reputation for fun and a growing menu of scratch made meals and treats.

MeepleWich Café played host to several weekly DND campaigns, live concerts,  popular Grindhouse Movie Nights, weekly critique sessions with the San Antonio Writer's Guild, monthly meetings with the Sixth Sense Paranormal Society of San Antonio, birthday parties, business meetings, family game nights, POP Vinyl Swaps, Pokemon tournaments, and were even an official Qualifying Event Space for the World Catan Tournament! (MeepleWich sent someone on to Nationals!)

The MeepleWich Café even won a coveted Blue Plate from Channel 4!

Buzz was building, but as is a common tale with small businesses-- especially family run restaurants-- funding ran out before the fun did, and so the doors closed in early October of 2018.

But the dream is not dead! We have spent the last year re-grouping, seeking wisdom and guidance, revising the business plan so that we can come back even bigger and better than ever!

If you would like to be part of seeing this dream come to fruition, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jason or Dawn. We are open to fun, entrepreneurial individuals whose values, interests, and vision align with our own. We'd love to work with you!

Meet the Team

MeepleWich Café is the Brainchild of Jason Tucker and Dawn Brooks.

We are passionate about Food and Fun! Whenever we have a chance to combine the two, we do. What started as hosting bi-weekly game nights with elaborate spreads to feed our friends, eventually morphed into the idea that we could have MORE folks over if we had more space, and more food.

D & J

Dawn Brooks and Jason Tucker


Dawn and Jason met in 2014 through the San Antonio Writer's Guild Saturday Critique group. They were each instantly enamored of the other's writing, and very soon found themselves falling for each other. Of their many shared interests, they both had a vision for bringing good food and fellowship to their community.